About Us

Welcome to“WAIAN ENTERPRISES”, your One Stop Source for Complete Range of Fixed Blade Knives, Folding Knives, Kitchen Knives, Swords, Daggers, Axes, Hammers, Damascus Steel Jewelry and accessories; and special range of products including products with different artworks like Hand Engraving, Scrimshaw Work etc.

Waian Enterprises is dedicated to provide its Customers, the best of products as well as services, with a focus on Quality products accompanied with Quality Services such as, Timely Deliveries and Flexibility in order to come up to the needs of its customers.

Founded in Year 1972 by Mr. Muhammad Rafique, He started his journey in Wazirabad, Pakistan; by making metallic tools and instruments for his Pakistani Customers. Since then, Waian Enterprises came a long way from its beginnings until in Year 1992, when Waian Enterprises got registered for export of its products and set its feet in International Markets. 

Mr. Muhammad Rafique was very passionate about the quality of his Products as well as services accompanying this business. And his Passion helped him to maintain his standards since the beginning of his business which he started under the supervision of His Elders who were into Blacksmithing since generations. And Blacksmithing is running in his blood for generations. This passion for quality is the proof that Mr. Muhammad Rafique successfully entered into International Market and continuing since then. Now his next generation is into the business and is thriving the business under his expertise and supervision; and progressing this business with the needs of modern times.

Waian Enterprises is now serving its customers around the globe, and successfully continuing its journey towards making the customers happy and satisfied by providing the products according to the customer’s needs and standards.

With the hope that you like our products as much as we like to supply you, please feel free to contact us and ask us any question or if you have any comments or suggestions.


Mr. Muhammad Rafique,

(Managing Partner)